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Win: Sony Playstation 4

Win: Sony Playstation 4

Phones4Cash is extremely excited to announce our next prize draw competition, where one very lucky fan will win a brand new Sony Playstation 4 - PS4.

The highly anticipated and most eagerly awaited gadget of 2013 needs no introduction and is due to hit the shelves in time for Xmas 2013. will be giving away a brand new PS4 to one very lucky winner.

Once the Tombolas countdown has expired we'll pick one of you lucky fans as the winner.

Good luck and thank you to everybody who takes part!

Griff & The Team @Phones4Cash

Please note: Phones4Cash does not have an official launch date for the PS4 & cannot be held responsible for any delays or stock shortages.


Retail Value:: £350

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-1284d -14h -35m 0s

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Mark Riach with 590 tickets Mark B Wood with 500 tickets Caroline Scott with 490 tickets Chrriss Bray with 480 tickets Keeley Atkinson with 480 tickets Simon Maisey with 480 tickets Yvonne Brownsea with 480 tickets Claire Turner with 470 tickets Debbie Burfoot with 460 tickets Graham Webster with 460 tickets Hayley Louise Colburn with 460 tickets Kenny Welsh with 460 tickets Lynsey Buchanan with 460 tickets Mark Rayner with 460 tickets Paul Bruckshaw with 460 tickets Pete Belcher with 460 tickets S Pearce Mse with 460 tickets Mark Minnie Whittaker with 455 tickets Kristy Leanne Brown with 450 tickets Mo Ro with 450 tickets Valerie Kay with 450 tickets Janet Palmer with 440 tickets Rob W Arnott with 440 tickets Abby Carroll with 435 tickets Paul Kay with 435 tickets Jan McGregor with 425 tickets Kerry Jones with 425 tickets Lisa Rowsell with 420 tickets Lisa Sargent with 420 tickets Mike Bassick with 420 tickets Shelley J Stevenson with 420 tickets Tamalyn Roberts with 420 tickets Maddalena Dalton with 415 tickets Val Thorpe with 415 tickets Chris Holden with 410 tickets Chris Mayberry with 410 tickets
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