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Win: Flogas 130GS Grillstream Barbecue

Win: Flogas 130GS Grillstream Barbecue

The Flogas 130GS comes with Grillstream Technology - the tastier, healthier, cleaner way to barbecue.

As featured on Dragon’s Den, Grillstream technology allows food to grill safely and more healthily, infusing the flavour and juices into the food to retain the authentic barbecue taste that we all know and love

With normal grills, oils and fats simply fall between the bars onto the heat source causing fat fires and flare ups which burn and char the food, resulting in loss of flavour. With Grillstream the special U-shaped upper and lower grills work together to prevent flare ups by attracting the oils and fats and then ‘streaming’ them into the collection channel for easy disposal later, and no messy cleaning up.

Take advantage of this all-in-one package price including the Flogas 130GS 3 Burner with Grillstream Barbecue, 11kg Leisure gas Cylinder, refill and hire charge.


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