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Win: Apple TV 1080p

Win: Apple TV 1080p

Phones4Cash is proud to announce our next prize draw competition, where one very lucky fan will win a brand new Apple TV media device.

Apple TV allows you to watch 1080p HD films, play Netflix, YouTube & Vimeo videos. You can enjoy your music, photos from iCloud and stream from your iOS devices via AirPlay.

Once the Tombolas countdown has expired we'll pick one of you lucky fans as the winner.

Good luck and thank you to everybody who takes part!

Griff & The Team @Phones4Cash


Retail Value:: £99

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-1427d -13h -4m -5s

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Participants 538

Mark Riach with 550 tickets Claire Bbdiva Butler with 450 tickets Allison Brown with 435 tickets Karen Robertson with 420 tickets Paul Bruckshaw with 420 tickets Caroline Scott with 415 tickets Doug NeauWan Lawson with 415 tickets Kerry Jones with 415 tickets Paul Kay with 415 tickets Alison Milner with 410 tickets Claire Turner with 410 tickets Laura Ubersome Silver with 410 tickets Paul Moffatt with 410 tickets Rob W Arnott with 410 tickets Chrriss Bray with 405 tickets Kerry Greenaway with 405 tickets Ann Robinson with 400 tickets Cheryl Lovell with 400 tickets Claire Watson with 400 tickets Joanne Mapp with 400 tickets Katie Skeoch with 400 tickets Keith Wolstenholme with 400 tickets Kim Allen with 400 tickets Leighanne Palfrey with 400 tickets Les A Bain with 400 tickets Lisa Dexter with 400 tickets Mark Dexter with 400 tickets Matthew Evans with 400 tickets Richard Dexter with 400 tickets Richard Rowley with 400 tickets Thelma Dexter with 400 tickets Thomas Dexter with 400 tickets Anthony Harrington with 360 tickets Corinne Faulkner with 360 tickets Jo Louise Ahmed with 360 tickets Madeline Connolly with 360 tickets
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